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Air Conditioners

Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection

XC21 Air Conditioner

XC21 Air Conditioner

The most quiet and efficient central air conditioner you can buy. Enhanced with innovative, new features for improved confort and energy efficiency.

Want to beat the heat and high utility bills, without sacrificing confort? The XC21 air conditioner more than delivers. Now offering an even greater level of comfort and efficiency, the XC21 takes cooling technology to new heights, so your utility bills reach new lows.

Lennox Elite® Series

HSX16 Air Conditioner

HSX16 Air Conditioner

Want to feel more comfortable at home? With the HSX16 air conditioner, you can feel more comfortable, without feeling the pinch of high utility bills. That's because it has two levels of cooling for a higher level of efficency.

With its two-stage design, the HSX16 makes the distinction between mild and extremely hot days, using only the energy necessary to keep you comfortable. It runs mostly a low stage, so you can avoid high utility bills.

Lennox Merit® Series

13ACD Air Conditioner

13ACD Air ConditionerThe Lennox Merit Series 13ACD air conditioner provides efficient and economical cooling, year after year. The quiet scroll compressor delivers higher efficency for lower cost operation and greater savings. Rating up to 14.80 SEER make the 13ACD an outstanding value.

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